Tekapo and surrounds

We spent four nights and very hot days in Tekapo over Christmas. We’ve had quite a few visits to the Mckenzie District but still found plenty of places to explore.

DSC_3824Max chilling out in the shadeDSC_3822 Billy – the new member of the family – see his story on the summer update post.

DSC_3797Haldon Arm at the top of Lake Benmore – lots of wild flowers and a river for the dogs!

DSC_3792There is a busy camping ground at Haldon Arm, set amongst trees with plenty of swimming, boating, water skiing and fishing etc. This popular  low priced camping area offers limited facilities but a beautiful location.


DSC_3802Mount Cook from Haldon Road

DSC_3810 Views from Haldon Road

DSC_3809From Haldon  Road we were heading to what we thought was the Mckenzie Pass to Burkes Pass. We seemed to end up further away than we thought we should be,  when we got to the top of the Pass we realised it was actually the Hakataramea Pass and we were on our way to Kurow. Oh well, as we always say, we never get lost, just end up somewhere we haven’t been before. We had lunch beside the new Kurow bridge then headed back to Tekapo through Waimate and Timaru – yes the very long way round 🙂

DSC_3804Top of the Hakataramea Pass.

DSC_3806Ooops….wrong pass!!!

DSC_3805 The other side of the Hakatarmea Pass

DSC_3811The next day we went back and found the Mckenzie Pass. The people below were having a well deserved rest after biking from somewhere near Waimate.

DSC_3813DSC_3815This the road on the other side of the Pass that they had just ridden up!!

DSC_3816A creek at the bottom of the hill for the dogs to cool off in.

DSC_3881Burkes Pass – Three Creeks trading company. This is a small collection of shops selling everything from gifts, wrought iron ware, tin signs and car memorabilia, old china, old furniture to hand crafted garden furniture and coffee. It’s an amazing spot in the middle of nowhere. The owner made great coffee and let us have a look in the Airstream caravan.

DSC_3879If you are passing through this area make sure you stop at the Three Creeks Trading Co. We will certainly be going back there!!

DSC_3878DSC_3877DSC_3876One of the stores, some of the furniture and the coffee caravan.DSC_3853Beautiful Lake Tekapo.DSC_3846  And more swimming and stick fetching for the dogs!!DSC_3871


Situated on the shores of Lake Tekapo is the Church of the Good Shepherd, which in 1935 was the first church built in the Mckenzie basin. The altar window frames stunning views of the lake and mountains.


The bronze statue of a Collie was commissioned by Mackenzie Country residents in recognition of the indispensable role of the sheepdog in their livelihoods.




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