Akatore River Mouth

The Akatore River mouth is a popular spot for us and our dogs.  We often take the dogs there for a walk for us, a walk, swim and a bath for the dogs.

At low tide you can walk from the car park at the bridge  to the mouth of the river,  the beach and rocks. The  channel is shallow at low tide and no problem to cross. Near the bridge the river is always  deep enough for the dogs to swim.

The walk to the river mouth follows the river and takes you to rocks with lots of rock pools, we saw quite a large fish is one pool. We crossed to the beach at the mouth but depending on the tide it might be easier to cross further up the river. Check out the tides if you want to walk to the mouth and beach, at high tide there isn’t much of a walk but dogs will certainly enjoy the outing and it’s a pleasant spot to throw the ball and enjoy the scenery.

From  Dunedin travel south through Brighton and down the beautiful coastline to Taieri Mouth, there are many opportunities to stop and take photos or walk on beautiful,  mostly deserted beaches. Once you reach the picturesque fishing village at the mouth of the Taieri River keep driving through the township and carry on until the sealed road joins a gravel road. Continue on this road (approx 5km) then down the hill to the bridge, the car park is just before the bridge.

    The beach on the left – this photo was taken at high tide

  The bridge is on the far left of the photo

 A beautiful deserted beach

 We crossed over here to get to the beach

Rocks and rock pools, I wasn’t quick enough to get a photo of the quite large fish that was sunning itself in one of the pools.

DSC_2256  Looking back towards the bridge, we walked back up this side of the river and crossed back over at a shallow spot.

DSC_2688 looking towards the river mouth

DSC_2949  Sam is about twelve, Max was about nine months old here, neither of them would give in!

DSC_3208 Max (left) and friend Harley

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