Whitecoomb Road

We were staying at the Piano Flat camping ground for a few days last summer and decided about 10.00am one morning to take the dogs up the road and find a quiet swimming hole for them. After they had a good swim we thought we would drive a bit further up Whitecoomb road.

Oamaru – Historic Precinct

It’s always a pleasure to visit Oamaru’s Historic Precinct, it’s like stepping back in time, with it’s beautiful old buildings, cobbled streets, quirky markets and shops. This time it was a long weekend day out, taking in the Steampunk market, and a wander through the old streets on a gorgeous winter day. Followed by fish and…

Brighton Storm

We were just heading home along the coast road when we saw a big storm heading our way, so we rushed home, I grabbed my camera and got some photos.

Tavora Reserve

Are you looking for a pleasant walk (about an hour) with amazing scenery, fur seals and possibly yellow eyed penguins?  Then head to Tavora Reserve.