Whitecoomb Road

We were staying at the Piano Flat camping ground for a few days last summer and decided about 10.00am one morning to take the dogs up the road and find a quiet swimming hole for them. After they had a good swim we thought we would drive a bit further up Whitecoomb road.

It was a beautiful day and we just kept going…and going, eventually arriving at Potters hut at the top of the ridge. This was an amazing trip but being unplanned we shared our only bottle of water with the dogs but not the two museli bars we had in the glove box. After visiting Potters Hut we discussed which way we would return to Piano Flat and decided to go through Roxburgh where we got food, coffee and water. We then headed back to Piano flat via West Otago, eventually returning to the camp about 5.30pm. A half hour trip just up the road turned into a wonderful day, great weather, dry roads and beautiful scenery. If you don’t get a good day though, be very careful, the road (in parts) is just rock. Most of the road and rocks will be slippery if it’s wet. Also at various places on both sides of the road are peat bogs which you don’t want to end up in!

From Piano Flat we headed up Whitecoomb road, the day was dry and the track was reasonably good although some parts were just large rocks.

Not far up the road was a great spot for the dogs to have a play.

The first part of the road which is a good gravel road, winds up through the forest.

Looking back over Piano Flat

Some of the road was like this – really good but occasionally there are just bare rocks and a reasonable climb. On a couple of rough hills we both held out breath until Graham safely navigated the rocks and we made it to the top of the hill but sorry no stopping to take photos!!

Potters hut

Heading over the top towards Roxburgh

Heading down hill towards SH8, an easy track from here.

How to get there:

From Gore follow SH94 to Riversdale, turn right to Waikaia but carry on past the Waikaia turn off for a further 10km approx until you reach the Piano Flat camp. Drive through the camp until you see the bridge and sign.

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