Catlins Heads

The Catlins Heads is located across the Catlins river mouth from Surat Bay.

A great walk along the beach and rocks with amazing rock formations.

The geology of the Catlins dates back to over 150 million years ago, when the bedrock of the New Zealand continent was being assembled by thick sediments and volcanic arcs accreting onto the edge of the Gondwana supercontinent in a series of long thin terranes. In other words really, really old and interesting rocks!!!

The walk from the parking area to the heads is an easy and very interesting walk, the bay can be very calm but at the same time the waves at the heads can be quite large.

How to get there:

From Owaka  turn left onto the Pounawea road, turn left into Hinahina Road and follow this until you cross the bridge. Turn left and follow Hinahina road around the inlet until the road runs out at a small parking area.


Looking towards Newhaven.


Looking towards False Island


The amazing rock formations and layers in the cliffs





Looking towards Surat Bay beach


Large waves at the Heads

DSC_3339 (3)




Looking towards NewHaven and Surat Bay


Looking back down the inlet to towards Pounawea



Max – having a good time!




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