Burnett Quarry Reserve

Heading back to Mt Somers from the Ashburton lakes we noticed a small bridge and sign on the side of the road and stopped to investigate. It was a small reserve with a Limestone cottage well worth a visit. During the winter of 1872 German and Danish stone masons were hired to cut stone for the Laghor Flour Mill. After it got too cold to live in tents they built White Stone Cottage. Families lived in the house during the time the quarry was running when up to 25 men were employed cutting stone.
During the 1880’s up to 700 tons of stone was extracted per week. most of this went to Melbourne as ballast in sailing ships and was used in building there.
In 1972 the stone hut was restored and after weather and time almost destroyed the hut again, its was restored again in 1990.

The walking bridge to the reserve

How to get there:

From Mt Somers take the Ashburton Gorge Road, travel 6.5km and you will see the reserve on the right hand side of the road.

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