Cosy Nook – Southland

Cosy Nook – is a beautiful spot on the South coast of the South Island.

A few years ago we stayed here in the caravan, we parked in a great spot looking over this beautiful bay at the scenery and beautiful sunsets. We decided to call in to Cosy Nook again after a recent visit to Lake Hauroko (see post), we couldn’t have picked a better day, blue sky, no wind and really warm.

The true name of this cove is Mullet Bay, now a cosy place with a few cribs (holiday home, batch) it used to be a safe haven for fishing boats, sheltering from the rough weather of Foveaux Strait. The bay was named by Captain George Thomson after his homeland Scottish village Cozy Neuk.

dsc_0538Looking out over Foveaux strait with Stewart Island in the background

dsc_0540  A beautiful still day, looking over the rocks towards Stewart Island. dsc_0541Looking East towards Pahia

Half a kilometer east of the cove used to be a thriving Maori village of Pahia. About 40 of the tribe drowned when their waka (Maori watercraft, usually canoes) sank on the way back from the Muttonbird islands in the mid 1820’s.dsc_0542 Looking over the bay towards the access roaddsc_0544  The road literally winds through a group of cribs which are sheltered from the Southerly winds. What a great place to spend your holiday!dsc_0545 This boat hadn’t  been used for a while, it was full of water. dsc_0548

The rail tracks were used to haul the fishing boats out of the water on a cradle.dsc_0549  Looking across the bay dsc_0551 dsc_0552  These places couldn’t get much closer to the road, you feel like you are driving through someones garden.

dsc_0557 dsc_0562 dsc_0563 dsc_0565 Happy dogs enjoying the beach

dsc_0566dsc_0577 dsc_0578 dsc_0579 Cool little hut complete with security light on the right hand side, dsc_0581Although it was a beautiful still day when we visited, the weather along this coast can be very rough!! You can imagine the fishing boats coming in and out of the bay to shelter from the bad weather.

How to get there: It takes about 50 minutes to drive to Cosy Nook from Invercargill, via state highway 99, through Riverton and past Colac Bay, There are lots of interesting places to see along this part of the coast, Gem Stone beach, Monkey Island, Colac Bay, Riverton etc. But that’s for another day – watch this space.

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