Denniston – revisited

  On our recent holiday we visited Denniston again – Last time we were here it was very interesting but a bit un-loved. The department of Conservation along with other groups have done an amazing job of preservation and providing information for visitors to this historic area.

Update – Summer 2015/2016

Hi everyone. I hope you had a great Christmas and New Year and summer holiday if you are in the Southern Hemisphere. We have been away for two weeks in the caravan over Christmas and New Year, great weather and as usual,  great places to visit in this wonderful country of ours.

Quailburn Historic Site – near Omarama

After visiting the Clay Cliffs (Post coming soon) near Omarama, we decided to see what was down the ‘no exit’ road, well nothing actually,  some nice countryside then the road ended at a farm gate, oh well worth a look. We went back past the Clay cliffs and took another no exit road, this one…