Dunedin City from the air

Last weekend we went for a fly over Dunedin City.

This beautiful City we call home is the second-largest city in the South Island of New Zealand, at the head of Otago Harbour. It is the principal city of the Otago Region with a population of 127,500 (2013) . It’s known for its Scottish and Maori heritage, Victorian and Edwardian architecture and a large student population. Dunedin was the largest New Zealand city from the 1860s until about 1900 and the largest city by land area until superseded by Auckland in November 2010. It spreads out over many suburbs along the peninsular, harbour, beaches and hills surrounding the central city.

The dramatic landscape of the adjoining Otago Peninsula is home to colonies of albatrosses, seals, sea lions and rare Yellow-eyed penguins, many walking and biking tracks, beautiful beaches and amazing scenery. We are so lucky in Dunedin, to have so many attractions and facilities on our doorstep. No matter where you live in Dunedin, within ten minutes you can be at the beach, beautiful bush walks, biking tracks, surfing, animal and bird watching etc etc etc. We are also well catered for with the arts and cultural amenities, museums, art gallery, theatres etc.

The city’s most important activity in economic terms centers around tertiary education – Dunedin is home to the University of Otago, New Zealand’s first university (established 1869), and the Otago Polytechnic. Students account for a large proportion of the population. The day was a bit murky and the plane windows weren’t that clean but thought you would like to see the photos anyway.

DSC_4413Looking over the city and up the Harbour and PeninsularDSC_4416Green Island

DSC_4407 St Clair and the Salt water pool

DSC_4329 Looking over South Dunedin and back to Saddle HillDSC_4403Over St Clair and St Kilda beaches to the harbour basin and the cityDSC_4402Waverly etcDSC_4405 St Kilda Beach,  Forbury Park racecourse and South Dunedin

DSC_4401St Kilda Beach and Lawyers Head

DSC_4404 Tomohawk Inlet (right), Anderson Bay, Waverley,  the harbour, sewerage plant, golf course and cemetery.DSC_4399Tomahawk Beach and inlet, Ocean Grove, Tomahawk

DSC_4398Tomahawk Beach and Inlet

DSC_4397Tomahawk beach and Smails beach

DSC_3450 Ravensbourne and central cityDSC_3453The stadium, marina, hill suburbs and central cityDSC_3454DSC_3455Central City and wharf areaDSC_3460 The oval, railway and industrial area DSC_3459 Central CityDSC_3457  Central City and the wharfDSC_3456  Railway and industrial areaDSC_3464 Kaikouri Valley industrial area and Hill suburbsDSC_3462 Back to the Airfield – hope you enjoyed seeing our beautiful city from the air – see my other Otago Posts for more amazing places, right on our doorstep.

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