Wharariki Beach

The track to Wharariki Beach is about 20 minutes over farm paddocks and through a section of coastal forest, before arriving at the beautiful windswept coast.

The best time to visit is at low tide, when you can walk the length of the beach and take in spectacular coastlines, caverns, islands, and enormous sand dunes along the way.

When you reach the end of the track and over the first sand dune this is the amazing view.

Wet boots aside this is a spectacular beach and well worth a visit, next time we will come prepared and do the Hilltop track 🙂

How to get there. Travel North from Collingwood to Puponga, it’s well sign posted from there.

One thought on “Wharariki Beach

  1. Hi Tony
    Thanks so much for your comment, sounds amazing and we will definately will look at that next time. We really should have done a bit more homework before we got there but at least we got a great view from the start of the Hilltop walk, as well as wet boots 🙂 Beautiful area, already looking forward to our next trip up there, hopefully later in the year.
    Happy travels 🙂


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