Nugget point – on a dull day – still beautiful!!!!

Just to prove that any day is a good day to visit Nugget Point. Here are some photos of a recent visit on a cloudy day.

We see a lot of tourist visiting the Catlins, some have limited time but even on days when it’s raining and dull,  the Catlins is still beautiful! It’s great to see that they don’t just drive through but head down the muddy gravel roads to see the amazing scenery, beaches and wildlife. If you are unlucky enough to get bad weather, make the most of it, the waterfalls are better when it’s been raining.

Have a look at Nugget point and other Catlins areas on my other posts, mostly on fine days :). I try to get nice blue skies and golden beaches in my photos but sometimes the cloudy days turn out to be just as good.

Lots of seals resting on the beach today!

Look closely…. lots of seals  

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