Acheron Road (Molesworth Station Road)

For a long time we wanted to travel from Blenhiem to Hanmer Spring via the Molesworth Station Road (and the Rainbow Station road – see post soon). We always seemed to be in that area at the wrong times,  the Kaikoura  earthquake, the road closed due to bad weather or we had the dogs with…

Catlins Lake – Catlins

You’ve probably guessed by now that the Catlins is one of our favourite places to visit. Turn off at Owaka on the Pounawea road and explore the Catlins Lake, Jack’s Bay and Catlins heads – you certainly won’t be disappointed.


On a beautiful autumn day,  after a walk around the Sutton Salt Lake track (see post),  we had lunch at Quench cafe in Middlemarch then headed to the Hindon Railway station.

Sutton Salt Lake

It was a beautiful warm Autumn day last Sunday so we decided  to head to the Sutton Salt Lake near  Middlemarch. The hour long easy walk around the Sutton Salt Lake is a great way to enjoy the tranquility and natural history of this stunning landscape.

Sea lions of Jacks Bay – Part 2

After seeing the two females and two pups ( see Sea lions of Jacks Bay – Part one post), the next day we had family visiting and we took them to Jack’s Bay to see if the same sea lions were still there. As we walked along the beach we could see a group of…