The Dogs

For all you dog lovers out there – here are some photos of the dogs I though you might like 🙂

DSC_4175  MAXDSC_4173  BILLYDSC_4533 Max and Billy – Pounawea

DSC_4515 Max and Billy – Tautuku Beach

DSC_3822  BillyDSC_2824 Max at Anatori – west coastDSC_2611  Max – silly puppy!!!DSC_2659  We didn’t encourage this but the space soon got too small for him anyway 🙂DSC_2660  Max sleeping on Sam DSC_2712  Squeaky monkey – didn’t last long!DSC_2718  Max didn’t like the collar after his op, this is the second one (tied together with cable ties) he had three in total!!DSC_2969The caravan jockey wheel – lasted quite awhile 🙂
WIN_20140812_195046Sam and Max – Sam was about 12 when we got Max and she put up with being jumped on,  chewed and chased – I think she liked it really!!


First jump in a rock pool.

DSC_3779     Billy and Max – tired, wet and sandy! DSC_3846 DSC_3843 DSC_3870   Max and Sam lake Tekapo

DSC_3754  Max LOVES the mud, he’s been a lot worse than this I just didn’t have the camera. He was gutted when they fenced off the muddy creek at the dog park!!!DSC_3751 DSC_3763 Happy Max!!DSC_3351Max at Caltins Head


CSC_2588  Aww so cute – they don’t stay this size for long though. Max was about 11 weeks old

DSC_2595Max and Sam CSC_2593DSC_2851 Never happier than lying in the water.DSC_3773  One ball each for Max and Bill, although Max usually comes back with both of them!

DSC_2950 Max and Sam

DSC_2941 Max and Sam – it’s my stick!!!!!

DSC_3766  Billy



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