Update October 2015

Hi Everyone

Well daylight saving is here and the days are warming up!! It seems like it’s been a long winter.

I hope you have enjoyed some of my posts over the winter, luckily I have a good collection of photos to draw on but as I have said before,  I’m not a writer!!




Now it’s time to get the caravan ready and head off for some weekends and decide where we are going at Christmas. We wanted to go through the Molesworth Road from Blenheim to Hanmer Springs and the Rainbow road the other way but unfortunately you can’t take dogs, so that will have to be another trip. We were going to go to Lake Hauroko in Fiordland for the long weekend coming up (NZ’s deepest lake) but it’s in the National Park, so no dogs!!  – watching the weather and will end up somewhere interesting – watch this space.


West Coast

We have already had a few rides on the motor bike and during the winter Graham sold his dirt bike and we got a quad bike to take with us in the caravan.

We will also get out for more flights now that the weather is better and we have more daylight. It’s very handy having a partner who is a pilot! He’s also a very good proof reader and stops in random places for me to take photos.


Looking forward to a long hot summer but then we do live in Dunedin so looking forward to a long warm summer, so we can get out and about and enjoy this amazing country.

Thanks to everyone who has looked at my blog, I hope you have enjoyed seeing these places as much as we have. I want to thank Jon (jonistravelling.com), Gia (mismatchedpassports.com) and Graham for encouraging me to do it, I am really enjoying it!

Hopefully if you like some of the posts you will share these with others who may appreciate seeing some of our beautiful country. I’ll try to get regular posts done,  so keep watching,  hopefully you will see a destination for a weekend, holiday, day trip  or a few hours, that interests you.

Happy traveling over the summer and take care!!


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