Some of my favourite photos

As you probably already know I struggle a bit with the text for my posts, the photos are the easy part for me, so I’m taking a break this time and sharing some of my favourite photos.

Brighton Storm

We were just heading home along the coast road when we saw a big storm heading our way, so we rushed home, I grabbed my camera and got some photos.

Tunnel Beach Walkway – Dunedin

The tunnel beach walkway is 7.5 kilometres from the centre of Dunedin, a very short trip that will reward you with breathtaking scenery,  sea-carved sandstone cliffs, secluded beaches, rock arches and caves.

Matanaka Farm and Waikouaiti Beach

Just north of Dunedin at Waikouaiti, the beach is a beautiful spot for a walk or a picnic. At the north end of the beach there is a road that leads to an interesting group of buildings known as Matanaka Farm.  The five buildings are the oldest surviving farm buildings that are still in their original position in the…

Tavora Reserve

Are you looking for a pleasant walk (about an hour) with amazing scenery, fur seals and possibly yellow eyed penguins?  Then head to Tavora Reserve.